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Welcome to the “Pixel Art Historical Society” Wiki!


The Pixel Art Historical Society is a group of (pixel) artists who made it their goal to catalog and archive the history of pixel art. The original inspiration for this wiki came from a discussion on the [unofficial] Pixeljoint server, where pixel art “genre” was brought up, and whether pixel art could be accurately categorized or stylistically time-lined similar to other long-tenure art forms.

This wiki hopes to consolidate the vast resources and information about pixel art into a single, easily accessible source for anyone who wants to learn, refer to, or just read up on P.A., the artists who make it, or the history of its community.

Primary Goal

Creating and maintaining an Index of Pixel Artists (seen to the left in the sidebar). In order to create more individualized pages for artists like you, we've written up a questionnaire that can be filled out in order to give us the information we need to make a page for you! To get the link to this questionnaire, please apply by emailing us or requesting the link in the Discord server. If emailing, please also include a link to your gallery/examples of your work.


  • (for reporting technical problems with the wiki)

Discord Sever

We lead work on the wiki and share (pixel) art and constructive criticism primarily on an invite-only Discord server. If you would like to join, please use one of the contact options above. Please note that we are mostly accepting people who already have some amount of experience with pixel art. The current Discord server owner/admin is @Atnas.


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