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-Handle: 0xDB+Handle: ​**0xDB**, Dennis (before 2015) 
 +\\ Twitter: [[tw>​dennisbusch_de|@dennisbusch_de]] 
 +\\ PixelJoint: [[pjp>​1287]] 
 +\\ Website: [[http://​|]] 
 +\\ Birthday: 10/​03/​1981 
 +\\ Country of Origin: Germany
-Twitter: [[tw>dennisbusch_de|@dennisbusch_de]]+Dennis (aka **0xDB** since 2015) is an artist and coder from a small village in the middle of nowhere in Germany, well, if there'​s a bright center to the universe, it's in the spot that it's farthest from. 0xDB pretty much dabbled in pixels and code ever since he became consciously aware of the fact that computers existed. 
 +When he played games on the **C64** as a kid, his time allowed on the screen was often limited, so when he was done, he sometimes took out quadrille paper and started drawing sprites and inventing new levels for the games he played. On one of the many C64 disks which were floating around on the schoolyard, there were two programs **Paint Magic** and **Hi-Eddi** which are the first tools he can recall using. 
 +Later, when he got an **Amiga500**,​ another disk that was swapped around had **Deluxe Paint III** on it and he fell in love with the animation features which lead to countless silly little animations and he always tried to make his own games but could not code back then(late 1980s and early 1990s), so he just created animations and dreamed about making games and at the same time playing way too many, wasting a lot of time during childhood and youth that could have been better spent training his art skills.  
 +It was not until many years later, when the internet became widely available to the general population in ~1998 or so), that he started to pixel in a more serious, more controlled approach and where for the first time, the term "​**Pixel Art**" became a thing to be consciously aware of. **PixelJoint** and **Pixelation**(formerly known as WayOfThePixel) both had a huge influence on that process for him. 
 +0xDB spent many years actively writing code in various languages such as Pascal, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, ... , both professionally and in his free time, neglecting practicing his art skills during those years. Mental exhaustion eventually caused him to quit his career in software development and he has not written much code since then, except for the occasional C64 assembly hacking spree. 
 +In more recent years (about since 2011), 0xDB focuses primarily on drawing practice as time and energy allows while at the same time he seeks to live a more meaningful life centered around practicing and creating art, personal development and soul searching, away from the treadmills of the world. ​:
 +//**Notable Projects**//​ 
 +\\ - can tie his shoes without help 
 +\\ //**Notable Minor Projects**//​ 
 +\\ - tech contact for this wiki 
 +\\ - initiator and main writer/​editor of the [[paag:​pixels_and_art_glossary|Pixels And Art Glossary]] 
 +\\ - co-founder/​coder/​artist of [[https://​​group/?​id=8352|NOOP]] demo group est. 2015 
 +\\ - for more, mostly old and small coding projects, see personal [[http://​|website]] 
 +\\ //​**Collaborations**//​ 
 +\\ -[[px>​6247.0|Pixelation - Isometric Collaboration IV]], 2008 (it was a lot of fun for 0xDB to see everyone doing awesome variations of the little green alien creatures from his game **F.S.a.** after he made the first tile where they disembarked from their little UFO to claim ownership of the land) 
 +\\ -[[http://​​forum/​forum_posts.asp?​TID=13528|PixelJoint - ISO Underwater Collaboration]],​ 2011 (0xDB also created the palette for that one which turned out to be quite a challenge to work with but everyone did a great job) 
 +\\ -[[http://​​forum/​forum_posts.asp?​TID=17176|PixelJoint - ISO Dead People Collaboration]],​ 2013 
 +\\ -[[px>19566.0|Pixelation - Hexquisite Corpse Collab III]], 2016
-PixelJoint: [[pjp>​1287]] 
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