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 +[{{ paag_color.png|1) yellow\\ 2) blue(cyan)\\ 3) fluids inside glass staircases\\ 4) complementary colors\\ 5) mixed by proximity}}] Presented here is **color** as researched by Goethe(([[wp>​Johann_Wolfgang_von_Goethe| Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]])).
 +Yellow and blue form the basis of all colors/​emotions in this color wheel.
 +A colored fluid in either of those base colors will intensify differently in appearance depending on the depth of the fluid as illustrated by the filled staircases: Yellow intensifies towards red and blue(cyan) intensifies towards violet.
 +Yellow to red is associated with the emotional properties of light and warmth.
 +Blue to violet is associated with the emotional properties of darkness and cold.
 +Colors opposite of each other in the wheel are called **complementary colors** which, if mixed, cancel each other out to produce an achromatic appearance.
 +These perceptual concepts of colors differ from the scientific color theory which is fully independent of human interpretation and the attribution of basic emotions.
 +further reading:
 +  * [[wp>​Theory_of_Colours|Theory of Colours]]
 +  * [[wp>​Color_theory|Color Theory]]
 +  * [[wp>​Complementary_colors|Complementary Colors]]
 +  * [[http://​​vDHMURo.jpg|chronologically ordered set of different color systems]]
 +  * [[imdb>​tt1949209|Light Darkness and Colour (documentary) on]]
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