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 +[{{ paag_color_gradient_ramp_shift.png|i) ramp index, df) delta function\\ L linear, Q quadratic\\ h hue, s saturation, v value}}]
 +A **color gradient**, also called a color ramp or color shift is a [[sequence]] of colors which gradually shift from one color into another color by changing one or more properties of the initial color.
 +Primary properties can be value, saturation and hue or simply the red, green and blue components.
 +In the examples shown here, the changes are given as functions "delta p0 (i)" where p is the changed property and i is the index of the color in the sequence, i=0 referring to the initial color. The function values give the change relative to the initial value of the property (p0).
 +Changing only the lightness is closely related to the concept of [[tint|tints]] and [[shade|shades]].
 +further reading:
 +  * [[wp>​Color_gradient|Color Gradient]]
 +  * [[wp>​Tints_and_shades|Tints and Shades]]
 +  * [[http://​​dcgg.php|Dynamic Color Gradient Generator]]
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