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 +====== Pixels And Art Glossary ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +//"A person pixels with their brains and not with their hands/​tools."//​ --what Michelangelo might have said if he was alive today
 +==== short title ====
 +Pixels And Art Glossary (by [[artist:​0xDB]])
 +==== long title ====
 +a non-exhaustive Pixels And Art Glossary, descriptive in nature, compiled from some of the elements observed in what is vaguely known as "Pixel Art", from historical technological evolution of computer graphics(~1970-2000 [[wp>​Common_Era|CE]]) and from thoughts developed by the major Pixel Art communities on the internet (199x CE and up), as well as terms used in art which are not limited to "Pixel Art"
 +==== scope and intention ====
 +This is NOT an attempt to create and provide a formal definition of "Pixel Art" nor an attempt at providing a dogmatic set on good and bad practices. It is to be understood as being **purely descriptive**:​ A goal is to keep all documents on here descriptive without imposing any kind of judgement, positive or negative, upon the described concepts. For example, "​Pillow Shading"​ will be included but there will be nothing in the description which advises for or against doing it and it should be left to the discretion of the readers to decide how they use the knowledge and whether and in what way they apply it to their craft.
 +The entries in this glossary will attempt to give brief introductions to the included terms, as brief and precise as possible without distorting meaning or being downright false.
 +This glossary will not duplicate knowledge already available on other encyclopedias and websites and instead link to them where applicable to provide a structured portal or starting point which leads to more in depth knowledge for the interested readers.
 +Tutorials on "Pixel Art" are specifically and intentionally beyond the scope of this glossary but there might be a section linking to tutorials in the future. Same applies to Tools used to create "Pixel Art".
 +This scope might be expanded in the future.
 +And now have fun!
 +===== Glossary Index alphanumeric =====
 ==== # ==== ==== # ====
   * [[five_p_and_five_c|5 P's and 5 C's]]   * [[five_p_and_five_c|5 P's and 5 C's]]
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