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-[{{ ::​paag_value_and_key.png|v) value scale, h) high key, m) medium key, l) low key, fh) forced heights, fl) forced lows, ffs) forced full scale}}] 
-**Value**([[brightness_lightness_value|as lightness]],​ also referred to as tone) refers to the brightness of a color in relation to how white would appear under similar lighting conditions. 
-**Key** describes where the majority of values in an image are located on the value scale. 
-In an image in medium key, forcing the heights up and forcing the lows down, frees the values between heights and mediums and between mediums and lows for use in [[aa|anti-aliasing]]. 
-The anti-aliasing qualities of values are mostly independent of [[wp>​hue]]. Colors of similar value and saturation can be used for anti-aliasing between higher and lower values, regardless of the hue of the colors around the aliasing. 
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