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TASKS (this wiki's todo list)

How to use

If you think something needs to be done, just do it, or add it to the list. If you want to work on an item on this list, put your handle behind it, so everyone knows it's already being worked on.

open tasks

  • go through the chat logs, summarize what has been said what should go on the wiki, place the summary in the google docs folder (or create a page directly on the wiki, a main page and a sidebar to serve as a portal to categories/topics)
  • create a logo for the wiki (perhaps also for the pixel art historical society as a whole), should be a 16×16 image for the sites favicon, 50×50 version for the discord, 64×64 for the wiki (or a banner e.g. 256×64)
  • create and fill Index Of Pixel Artists
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