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 +[{{ paag_aliasing_and_antialiasing.png|a) imagined continuous source signal (yellow)\\ b) perceptual artifacts (white)\\ c) sample (gray)}}] **Aliasing** refers to perceptual distortions or artifacts which are caused by sampling errors when converting a continuous source signal, as seen by the eye, the camera or as imagined, into discrete values on a fixed digital raster.
 +**Antialiasing** (AA) is an umbrella term for all techniques which aim to lessen the unwanted perceptual artifacts, e.g. by:
 +  - lowering contrast
 +  - averaging or inventing new sample values
 +  - increasing resolution
 +and others or combinations of these.
 +(In the example image here, aliasing also shows within the imagined continuous source signal itself.)
 +further reading:
 +  * [[wp>​Aliasing]]
 +  * [[wp>​Jaggies]]
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