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 +[{{ paag_construction.png|a) simple volumes(building blocks)\\ b) horizon\\ c) construction lines}}]
 +**Construction** in drawing refers to the process of blocking in a complicated object/​figure/​scene by breaking it down to a combination of simple volumes, e.g. spheres, cuboids, cylinders, cones and pyramids.
 +Construction,​ when used alone, often leads to very stiff, mechanical looking results. Results will appear more dynamic if construction is used as a second step on top of [[gesture]] drawing.
 +In the example here, construction was done in a [[Perspective Projection]] without gesture.
 +further reading:
 +  * [[wp>​Drawing#​Form_and_proportion|Form And Proportion]]
 +  * [[s>​drawing+fundamentals+construction|Drawing Fundamentals Construction]]
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