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 +According to [[wp>​Andrew Loomis]], in any succesful drawing, attention must be given to five P's and five C'​s((Successful Drawing, ISBN13: 9780857687616,​ pages 18 and 19)) as he calls them. 
 +====== Five P's ======
 +  * Proportion, the three dimensions
 +  * Placement, a position in space
 +  * Perspective,​ relationship of viewpoint to subject
 +  * Planes, surface appearance as defined by light and shadow
 +  * Pattern, the deliberate arrangement of the tones on the subject
 +====== Five C's ======
 +  * Conception, a rough indication of an idea
 +  * Construction,​ an attempt to establish the forms from life or from basic knowledge
 +  * Contour, the limits of forms in space, according to viewpoint
 +  * Character, the specific qualities of individual units of your subject in light
 +  * Consistency,​ all the essentials of construction,​ lighting, and pattern, organized as a unit
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