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Handle: Arcade Hero, Arcade
Twitter: @arcadehero
PixelJoint: 46978
Birthyear: 1993
Country of Origin: Russia

Arcade Hero is a professional pixel artist from Russia, working on the craft since early 2015. He's most well known for his smooth and colorful clustering;

Since I mainly draw game graphics, I don't use anti-aliasing to make things more readable. I love clean and smooth big clusters. The larger and more interesting the cluster, the better it is. I don't use dithering also. I love to draw spooky stuff and random skulls. [For palettes,] smooth transitions between colors, complementary colors, low color count, high contrasts and saturated colors.”.

He lists Toby Dixon, a3um, Slym, Delicious, Zhi Jiang, Adarias, Hunter Russell, Henk Nieborg, Skittlefuck, Yes I Do, and Namatnieks (Nauris) as his favorite pixel artists/sources of inspiration.

Arcade is an active contributor to the Pixel Art Historical Society, and is largely responsible for its early outreach. He speaks Russian and English.


Notable Projects
- Bob Bernard Against The Nazis (Steam Release)
- One Dog Story (Steam Release)
- Fatal Flash (
- Wayward Mira (in Production)
Notable Minor Projects
- Co-founder Red Pixels, post-USSR countries/worldwide pixel art community.
- Pixelation Secret Santa 2017
- Pixel Dailies Yearbook, 24th June, 2018
- Hexquisite Corpse Collab IV (incomplete)
- Red Pixels Collab I
- Red Pixels Collab III

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