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Handle: didi
Twitter: @DidiGameBoy
PixelJoint: 80961
Country of Origin: Brazil

Didi (Adrien) is a pixel artist from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. As of 2019, they've been working in pixel form for 4 years, though they additionally do hand-drawn animation and some 3D modelling. They speak English, Portuguese, and French. They describe their style as “Still [developing] it, but mostly 16px characters with chibi style”, with a strong influence from game art, though they list Crowno as their favorite pixel artist. They work with few colors, though these are fairly saturated.

“If you need, take, if you can, give.”

Notable Projects
- Railgunners (Steam Release)
- Denguerous
Notable Minor Projects
- Pixel art for Comercial TV and video clips (Guaraná Antartica)
- "Pixel art e o impressionismo" (Youtube)
- "Pra falar de amor -onze20" (Youtube)
- Pixel Dailies Yearbook, 24th June, 2018
- Pixel Dailies Island, 24th May, 2019

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