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Handle: Knightsundere, Knightsunder, Knightsabers
Twitter: @Knightsundere
PixelJoint: 66792
Birthday: 16/08/2000
Country of Origin: United States

Knightsundere (Owen Knight) is a pixel artist and writer from California [United States]. He uses a large range of techniques, but his self-described “signature” style is a low color-count feathering technique, with heavy influence from the Russian Dither forms, especially those of Deceiver and Finlal. His colors are typically low in saturation. Red and blue are the most common - green is almost never used in his pieces.

First pixel art postings for Knightsundere began on Pixeljoint, though he was a very frequent user of the site Planet Minecraft for a few years beforehand, where he posted Minecraft skins and texture packs. He works with a Minecraft Marketplace content creation group, Pathway Studios, from October 2017 forward. He credits his interest in pixel art to his early Minecraft skins.

He speaks English.

“Time pass and your ass say Where's my loot?
The reply is a kick in the ass from a leg and a boot
All you wanna do is taste the fruit
But in the back they're makin' fruit juice.”
- Show Business, A Tribe Called Quest

Notable Projects
Notable Minor Projects
- Contributor to Pixel Art Historical Society
- Hellhole: Ludum Dare 43 Gamejam: Took 1st place in Graphics, 11th in Mood [Collaboration with Fusionnist, Essence], late November 2018
- Pixel Dailies Yearbook, 24th June, 2018
- Veli's Mecha Collab, 29th November, 2018

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