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Handle: flotia
Twitter: @flotia_0127
PixelJoint: 157216
Pixiv: flotia
Birthyear: 2000
Country of Origin: South Korea

flotia is a primary-pixel artist from SK. They use an “anime” style, though their work can easily be recognized for its smooth anti-aliasing in combination with a high-saturation/contrast color scheme. They also personally list that they “love to make color ramps”. They list Yes I Do, Deceiver, and Adarias as their favorite pixel artists, while “pomodorosa” is their choice for favorite non-pixel-based artist.

They were one of two members in the “Lich Games” team. Their WIP projects include: Sharice Invader (game), and personal pixel art book project 'Singularity'. They also contributed to a fan-game for Girls' Frontline, titled “Girls' Pixel Dungeon”.

“twintail hair is the best…”

Notable Projects
- Kyoko Slayer (Android)

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