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Handle: Theodote
Twitter: @theodote_
PixelJoint: 194226
Birth year: 2004
Country of Origin: Russia

Theodote (Theo) is a Russian pixel and Textmode artist, having started in 2014. They speak Russian, and English.

Style: Usually, my goal is to try and make the most out of the restrictions that I set for myself, i.e. working in a tiny palette or in a tiny scale. Restrictive art is fun and makes me think in creative ways. But sometimes I love to get rid of those limits and just go wild with the canvas.

They're most influenced by other artists (“kartonnyi, Yes-I-do, Fool, Finlal, Deceiver, [a lot more than i can count]”), geometric and mathematical ideas, and “anything I find pretty”. They're also influenced by the works of Hirohiko Araki, Iwan Aiwasowski, and Polyducks.

Color usage: Usually, I prefer higher contrasts and lower color count for the same reasons that I described in the “describe your style” section

“Quote lol” - Theodote, 2019

Notable Projects
- Feel Good Inc. Pixel Art Collab
- TMNT Pixel Art Collab

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