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Handle: .vectorwing
Twitter: @vectorwing
PixelJoint: 178344

.vectorwing (Lucas Barcellos) is a pixel artist, musician, and programmer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His style bounces from realistic to cartoony, though he maintains an outline-less appearance throughout. He prefers vibrant tones, but colors objects in a self-described “sober” fashion - “I don't usually go surreal with an object's hues”.

He lists his greatest influences as pixel artist Fool, and the PA communities of Pixeljoint, Pixelation, the indie game-dev scene, and “Several (now-closed) brazilian forums about game development.”.

“Fail faster”. Drawing often, with smaller scopes per piece, and admitting that it won't be perfect on the first try. With each new piece you learn something new, and completing smaller pieces gives you the drive and discipline to pace your work and not give up. It is, in my opinion, essential to any beginner artist to “fail faster” in order to grow their skill.” - .vectorwing

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